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MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium Incl. Content Packs - English

MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium incl. content packs - english

If you are looking for a music production software that is easy to use, powerful and versatile, then you should check out MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium. This software lets you create your own music from scratch, or remix existing songs with a huge library of sounds, loops, instruments and effects. You can also record your own vocals and instruments, and mix and master your tracks like a pro.

MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium comes with more than 8,000 sounds and loops in 7 different genres, such as rock, pop, hip hop, techno, jazz, reggae and chillout. You can drag and drop these sounds onto the timeline, and arrange them in any way you want. You can also use the on-screen keyboard or a MIDI controller to play virtual instruments, such as pianos, guitars, synths, drums and more. You can even use the Song Maker AI to generate new melodies and chords based on your preferences.


One of the best features of MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium is the Live Pad mode, which lets you perform your music live using 30 different Live Sets. Each Live Set contains 16 pads that trigger different sounds and loops. You can switch between different Live Sets, adjust the tempo and pitch, and add effects on the fly. You can also use the free MAGIX Audio Remote app to control the Live Pad mode from your smartphone or tablet.

MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium also includes some exclusive premium instruments and effects that will take your music to the next level. For example, you can use the Cinematic Soundscapes to create atmospheric soundtracks, the Choir to add angelic voices to your songs, or the Church Organ to create majestic melodies. You can also use the Orange Vocoder in a limited edition to transform your vocals with robotic effects.

MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium also comes with 12 content packs that contain additional sounds and loops for various genres and themes. These content packs are: Rock Drums, Bass Machine, Analog Synths, Hip Hop Vol. 16, Techno Vol. 16, Movie Score Vol. 11, Chillout Vol. 8, Dubstep Vol. 2, Metal Vol. 2, Reggae Vol. 2, Brasil 66 Vol. 2 and World Music Vol. 2.

With MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium, you can easily create music that sounds professional and original. You can also export your music in various formats, such as MP3, WAV, OGG or FLAC, or burn it to CD or DVD. You can also upload your music directly to YouTube, SoundCloud or Facebook.

If you want to learn more about MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium, you can visit their official website, read some customer reviews, or watch some tutorials. You can also download a free trial version of the software and try it out for yourself.


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