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B.A. Pass Telugu Movie Dvdrip Torrent [CRACKED]

This movie was about two married guys who get a "hall pass" from their marriages, granted from their wives. One of them is given to him voluntarily, the other one pretty much forces it out of her. They pretty much have a week to do "as they please" with other women as one of the wives has had enough with his "noticing" other women.While the idea is clever and decently executed, and there were some funny scenes and I liked the "Law & Order" spoof parts, I felt like the raunchy humor and "potty mouthed" jokes damaged it. While that could have helped in other films, it didn't really help here.The cast (especially the leads) was decent and worked well together. You might like this if you are a comedy fan.** out of ****

B.A. Pass telugu movie dvdrip torrent


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