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Mahoutsukai No Yome Episode 20 __TOP__

The previous episode saw the series protagonist, Chise, return to the auction house where Elias has previously purchased her. She and her master went here after hearing news of Cartaphilus selling one of the dragons he stole from Lindel. Elias and Chise intended to purchase the said dragon.

Mahoutsukai no Yome Episode 20

The preview for the upcoming 20th episode titled "You Can't Make an Omelet Without Breaking a Few Eggs" shows the distraught dragon flying over London with its sorrowful howls echoing through the city. Chise will then be forced to make a crucial decision in order to save the dragon, which could also prove to be brutal.

Also, what was that unknown agreement she made with the mysterious woman who contacted her at the auction house, and what role will this and the woman herself play in the upcoming episodes of the series?

So, this episode went exactly how I expected it. Yet, it still felt like there was something missing. I cannot figure out what. Perhaps it is reading it then watching it that makes it feel like something is missing. However, while at times it may feel like that, it is made up by adding something.

Kicking right off where the last episode ended, the dragon is still angry and is on the attack. It also turns out that it is not turning into the friendly dragons we are used to this series, but more like the violent evil ones from fairy tales. But Chise still wants to save it to bring the dragon home.

Now, as for the episode as a whole. Well, I wish this was more of a recovery episode from the fight with the dragon. But, again they would have needed to mess with a lot of things and leave a lot of other scenes out to fit it into last episode. This episode still made sense, since we got the action, and quickly followed by the drama that followed due to that action. This episode is certainly setting up a turning point for the series. Maybe not so much for the manga, in terms of the drama, but certainly for the manga. The anime, I only say not so much, due to their only being four more episodes. This emotional episode has an impact beyond where the anime will end. But certainly, it still does help set up the tone the last few episodes.

This episode was still enjoyable. Despite it sort of feeling like too much was happening, unlike previous episodes like this, it all happened within the same time frame, and did not make it feel that way. Still certainly a nice change and needed change for the tone this series may end on.

Supporting should have also come from the side characters, but they as well contract disease. Ruth has his episode and then, true to form, has the presence of a shadow, impacting the story, let alone the other characters, to a minimal extent afterwards. Silky gets a just a sheet of backstory. And, as for Cartaphilius, he has his convoluted parallels with Chise that boil down to inconsequential evil without much merit. 041b061a72


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