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The Biggest Games Coming In 2020 And Beyond

The upcoming games for Xbox One are some of the best this gaming industry has to offer. It looks like it has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. Xbox is certainly going to create a statement with its upcoming Xbox One games list. There is so much to select from that it will give players a dilemma in what they should and should not go for.

The Biggest Games Coming in 2020 and Beyond

Xbox consoles and Halo series have gone hand in hand and while the Halo Infinite will be releasing with Xbox Series X you can still play it on the Xbox One. This will ensure that millions of players will be able to get to play their beloved game and if everything goes right we might get to see Halo Infinite become the biggest game in 2020.

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games were held in the summer of 2021 during a global pandemic, one year after their original date, and under very strict restrictions (Tokyo 2020a, b, c, d, e, f, g, 2021a). The Olympic Games have been a platform for hosting and participating countries to create an image that will lead to social, political, and economic goals (Dubinsky, 2019a, b). The use of nation branding and public diplomacy, goes back even further, to the ancient Olympic Games, and the different Greek city-states (Murray, 2018). In the twenty-first century, more countries and delegations are participating in the Olympic Games than officially recognized states by the United Nations (Dubinsky, 2019b). The Olympic Games are broadcasted to 220 countries and territories and are watched by billions (International Olympic Committee, 2021a). Big countries, small countries, democracies, autocracies, first-world, developing, and third-world countries, all see value in hosting or participating in the Olympics, making them the biggest show on Earth.

With resistance groups against the Olympic Games growing stronger and louder (Boykoff & Gaffney, 2020; Zirin & Boykoff, 2021), the IOC changed its selection policies, and instead of competing bids, a special commission enters in direct negotiations with cities that are interested in hosting. A process that many see as non-democratic and not transparent. Despite the chaos around the Tokyo Olympic Games, the IOC decided once again to choose a hosting city 11 years in advance, awarding Brisbane the rights to host the Olympic Games in 2032 (Zirin & Boykoff, 2021). While other cities might have been interested in hosting the Games, only a small committee of people decided that the Australian city will be the one entering a dialogue, before bringing the vote for approval before all the IOC members. Thus, with the growing resistance by local communities, with non-Olympic NGOs becoming stronger, and with the IOC constantly changing its rules and regulations, transparency and democracy are becoming a burden and a limitation on the Olympic Movement (Zirin & Boykoff, 2021).

The 1984, Los Angeles Olympic Games changed the Olympic Movement after several Games in which international politics overshadowed the competitions. Being privately funded, Los Angeles 1984 started the commercial era of the Olympic Movement, leading to the TOP sponsorship program in 1985 and to the official abolishment of amateurism in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games (Dubinsky 2019a; 2019b). That, along with the end of the Cold War, gave the USA significant influence in the Olympic Movement. With broadcasting rights being the most profitable stream of revenues (International Olympic Committee, 2021a) and most television revenues coming from North America and the USA, the American influence of the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games manifest in a variety of ways. Some of the critics over hosting the 2020 Olympic Games argued that the organizers folded under pressure from TV rights holders and sponsors, with several of these stakeholders being American. Furthermore, Los Angeles was awarded the 2028 Olympic Games 11 years in advance, which potentially blocked any chance of further postponing the Tokyo Games as well.

The athletic field has always been a stage for nation branding and public diplomacy battlefield through participation and performance (Dubinsky, 2019a; 2019b). Overall, 206 delegations competed in the Tokyo Olympic Games, including a refugee delegation, and the National Olympic Committee of Russia (Tokyo 2020a, b, c, d, e, f, g, 2021d). The only country that did not send athletes to compete in Tokyo was North Korea (Morgan, 2021). For the third straight summer Olympic Games, the USA finished first in the medal table, winning the most gold medals and overall medals (Tokyo 2020a, b, c, d, e, f, g, n.d). Much like in 2016, once again American women won most of these medals, demonstrating the significance of Title IX in the American system, and in American sports diplomacy. Some of the athletes who stared in Tokyo participated in diplomatic initiatives as envoys of the US Department of State, including two of the stars of the Olympic Games; Allison Felix, who won a gold and a bronze medal in Tokyo, become the track and field athlete with most Olympic medals in the history, and Swimmer Katie Ledecky, who won three gold medals and two bronze ones, becoming the most decorated female Olympic swimmer (Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, n.d). Yet, the American dominance was much less significant than in previous Games as only on the day of the closing ceremony did the USA pass China in the gold medal ranking (Tokyo 2020a, b, c, d, e, f, g, n.d). Through most of the Games, the Chinese anthem was the most played anthem on the podiums, especially in dominated events such as table tennis, weightlifting, and diving.

There are so many upcoming games to look forward to in 2023, with the coming months looking absolutely stacked with new releases across all platforms. Keeping track of them all is the hard part, what with so many delays and surprise launches likely to happen as we go through the year.

At PAX East 2020, we played a variety of different indie games from hack-and-slash epics like Chivalry 2 to more somber experiences like She Dreams Elsewhere. Walking around the show floor, we were stopped in our tracks by a quiet underwater adventure called Beyond Blue.

A great way to pump more money into the ecosystem is by becoming a paid subscriber. All of these services are initially free to use, but Twitch offers premium perks to those willing to pay. For $8.99 per month Twitch Turbo removes ads, increases broadcast storage, and gives you new emoticons. Alternatively, Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscribers also get Twitch Prime. Along with Twitch Turbo's features, Twitch Prime gives you free, recent PC games every month. No one else does that. Facebook Gaming just has free, casual Facebook Games (including some streaming cloud games).

Because of the hundreds of new Mac games popping up each month, we focus on quality and only highlight the games that deserve your attention. In addition, this page also covers the top upcoming Mac games for 2021 and beyond.

According to industry estimates, hobby game sales soared during the pandemic, increasing from about $1.6 billion in 2019 to over $2.6 billion in 2021. Tabletop roleplaying games saw a 31 percent increase in overall sales in 2020. In 2022, Dungeons & Dragons alone generated some $100 million to $150 million.

With so many horror games out now in Early Access, more coming out this month, and plenty not far behind, we rounded up what to put on your Halloween playlist in these weeks leading up to the unofficial holiday. Here are 15 horror games to play in October and beyond.

Someday You'll Return is already out on PC if that's your preferred platform, but if you're waiting for the console launch, hopefully, you're not waiting too much longer. It's scheduled for 2020 and fans of both horror games new and old will appreciate it for different reasons.

Ubisoft's statement on the matter admitted it would continue on with "increased cautiousness over the coming years" as the games industry shifts towards "mega-brands and long-lasting titles" - something which raised questions as to where Beyond Good & Evil 2 fitted in. 350c69d7ab


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