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Download Nexus 2 Expansion Packs Swedish House Vol.1

Download Nexus 2 Expansion Packs Swedish House Vol.1

If you are a fan of electro house music, you might be interested in downloading the Nexus 2 expansion pack Swedish House Vol.1. This expansion pack contains 150 high-quality presets that will bring the sound of your house productions to the next level. You will find dominant drums, heavy percussion, the finest analog synths and prominent FX that will make your tracks sound like the Swedish house masters.

What is Nexus 2?

Nexus 2 is a software synthesizer that allows you to create and customize sounds using a large library of samples and effects. You can use Nexus 2 as a standalone instrument or as a plugin in your digital audio workstation (DAW). Nexus 2 is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and supports VST, AU and AAX formats.


What is Swedish House Vol.1?

Swedish House Vol.1 is one of the many expansion packs available for Nexus 2. An expansion pack is a collection of presets that are designed for a specific genre or style of music. Presets are pre-made sounds that you can load and play with Nexus 2. You can also tweak and modify the presets to suit your preferences and needs.

Swedish House Vol.1 is inspired by the electro house genre that originated in Sweden and became popular worldwide thanks to artists like Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Alesso, Axwell and Ingrosso. Electro house is characterized by catchy melodies, energetic rhythms, heavy basslines and powerful synths. Swedish House Vol.1 captures the essence of this genre and provides you with sounds that will make your tracks stand out.

How to download Swedish House Vol.1?

To download Swedish House Vol.1, you need to have Nexus 2 installed on your computer. You can buy Nexus 2 from the official website of reFX, the company that developed it. The price of Nexus 2 is $249 USD. Once you have purchased and installed Nexus 2, you can buy Swedish House Vol.1 from the same website for $60 USD. After you have completed the payment, you will receive an email with a download link for Swedish House Vol.1. You can then download and install the expansion pack on your computer.

How to use Swedish House Vol.1?

To use Swedish House Vol.1, you need to launch Nexus 2 and load the expansion pack from the library browser. You can then browse through the presets and select the ones that you like. You can play the presets using your MIDI keyboard or controller, or by clicking on the virtual keyboard on the screen. You can also adjust the parameters of the presets using the knobs and sliders on the interface of Nexus 2.

You can use Swedish House Vol.1 to create your own electro house tracks or to enhance your existing ones. You can also mix and match the presets with other expansion packs or your own sounds to create unique combinations and variations. You can export your tracks as audio files or as MIDI files to use them in other applications or devices.

Why download Swedish House Vol.1?

Downloading Swedish House Vol.1 will give you access to a wide range of sounds that are suitable for electro house music and other related genres. You will be able to create professional-sounding tracks that will impress your listeners and fans. You will also be able to learn from the presets and improve your skills as a producer and musician.

Swedish House Vol.1 is a must-have expansion pack for anyone who loves electro house music and wants to take their productions to the next level.


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