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Buy Frameless Glass Door

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest computerized glass fabrication machinery. Your enclosure is delivered to you pre-frabicated and ready for installation. We provide the absolute highest quality glass and hardware, at the lowest cost.

buy frameless glass door

StayCLEAN Protective Glass available for all of our InstallationEASYglass shower doors.Say NO to soap scum and hard mineral deposits! Ask a Representative About StayCLEAN Water & Stain Resistant Glass.

We take great pride in making sure all of our installers are professional, highly trained, and knowledgable. Our presentation and appearance are just as important to us as ensuring that your custom-made glass shower door is installed perfectly.

To say I am pleased with the finished product is an understatement. The workmanship and quality your company has provided is amazing. My carpenter did a beautiful job installing it and we appreciated the installation video. The installation kit was also very helpful. Thank you again so much for all your help and patience with all my questions. I will certainly be referring you and your company to other looking for shower door/glass options.

Give your loved ones a place they need after a stressful day, and a place where they can get inspiration before starting their day by adding to the aesthetic of your restroom which adds to the convenience of your home, by adding beautiful glass shower doors!

Here at Glass Shower Direct, we value your time. So, we came up with a solution that allows you to save time by giving you the option to choose what the right shower door is for your home! We will guide you through each step so you can choose the right one for you on your first try. Create the best shower space, and start your bathroom upgrade project with us!

This guide, written by glass enclosure and door expert Jake Barr and owner of Pioneer Glass, Dave Brunell, is for anyone exploring new shower doors or frameless shower enclosures. We walk you through all your glass door and enclosure options so you can make the best decision for your specific project.

Bathroom design has changed dramatically over the last five years. Homeowners are building much larger bathrooms and using more elaborate fixtures and tiles. For them, the purpose of the master bath has changed. Many people are looking for an oasis or spa-like bathroom that is both relaxing and elegant, or crisp and airy. Others have smaller bathrooms and want to maximize the space with a sleek update. Regardless of their personal design preferences they all want one thing, frameless shower glass. Most consumers have limited knowledge about shower enclosures and doors. This article will help you make wise decisions to build your dream shower.

There is a lot of confusion about glass treatments to help protect the glass from dulling or etching. You could elect not to purchase any coating, though we will strongly urge against that. Untreated glass will get dirtier quicker and be harder to clean. In addition, untreated glass will pit and fog much sooner than treated or coated glass. For a reasonable amount of money you can add protection in one of two ways. The first way is to use a pour-on treatment generally with a ten year warranty. We have had good luck with this treatment approach. However, for a similar price you can purchase ShowerGuard which is a coating that is fused to the surface during manufacture. We are big fans of ShowerGuard and it has a lifetime warranty to the original owner. Personally, I cannot imagine going through the time and expense of a new bathroom and not using some type of glass treatment.

When one thinks of frameless shower enclosures, clips are the first thing that comes to mind. They are the most popular, but we are seeing a trend toward using some channels along select edges for a couple reasons. From a practical standpoint, the channel is more watertight, but it also has the added benefit of incorporating a little bit more metal for beauty. The channel style can look particularly great with matte black hardware finishes.

Many customers who are looking for glass for their bathtub think they are limited to old fashioned framed sliding doors. While these are still available there is no reason why you cannot have sleek frameless shower glass. Barn type rolling frameless shower doors can work well with tubs and with a side knee-wall. And who says you have to use a sliding door on a tub? Frameless doors and panels work fine as well.

In smaller bathrooms a neo-angle shower makes a lot of sense. A neo-angle shower is three or four panes of glass that are angled to create the experience of a larger shower in a relatively small corner space. Neo-Angle shower enclosures work well with a frameless design with or without a headrail. Your decision to include a headrail may come down to whether you like the finishing look that a headrail projects.

Real steam showers have track on all the walls and gaskets on the door and transom window over the door. They are equipped with a steam generator and while they have use as a regular shower they are built to be your private steam room. Customers who purchase them are serious about getting the health and lifestyle benefits of true steam. Because the basic idea of calibrating the amount of steam centers on the operation of the transom vent, u channel track is usually used on the sides to prevent steam leakage. Some customers prefer channels and some clips for the appearance. While technically not completely steam-tight they perform well.

There are also what we call steamy showers. Some clients love the look of floor to ceiling glass with a transom as well as loving the feel of a super steamy shower but do not install a steam generator. They install the same basic shower design without gaskets and somewhat create a steamy shower. These bold showers make quite a statement.

When one imagines gridded shower glass the idea of metal grid work is generally what customers envision. Very few grid showers actually use metal anymore. Using the same breakthrough technology that now makes privacy bands, grids are by and large painted into the glass. We can also add metal strips on the outside if requested. This type of grid shower looks sleeker and is easier to clean. Ceramic in-glass printing now allows us to print any image in any color and in any level of obscurity. If you want your shower to look like an English phone booth or have a life-like image of a snow leopard it is very easy to accomplish.

By far the most popular way around this is to center the door with a panel on each side of the door. This also balances the view of the frameless door. Centering the shower door is very popular and can be aesthetically pleasing even in smaller shower openings.

The second option is a headrail support. While a headrail support moves away from the frameless concept it can still be an extremely attractive option. Also choosing a headrail will allow for more creative design possibilities.

The last method of supporting the glass is to use an arm. They are not the most popular option but these supporting arms are hardly noticeable once they are installed. They can also be installed on the wall or ceiling.

Benches and knee walls are readily doable in frameless shower enclosures. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, in many cases they enhance the beauty of the bathroom. Many shower designs can include two knee walls and a bench. As long as the measurements are exact and the glass is precision cut, using knee walls and benches are great additions to your bathroom design.

The finish choices for sliding shower doors are limited to usually only three or four options. This is because sliding shower doors are specific to the original manufacturer and the roller assembly only works on their particular showers. Frameless shower doors and panels include a wide array of finish options offered from CRL, the leader in glass hardware. CRL has 23 shower hardware finishes so if you are particular about your hardware finish that may be another reason to go with frameless.

While most customers have more interest in handles than towel bars and robe hooks I put these first because they are frequently overlooked. Shower glass is tempered safety glass and cannot be drilled after manufacture. Many bathrooms have readily accessible spots to place towels and robes. Yours may not. Be sure to look over the space and determine if you want robe hooks or towel bars as part of the shower enclosure before you order your shower glass.

Hi Mike,I wish I would have seen this article before we installed the shower? We are now having a very difficult time finding a shower door we like that fits. Do you know of any place in the Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR area that we can custom design a shower door? We will install it ourselves.

owner of Preston the Glassman in Panama city Florida im in need of several barn door style showers are reg bypass showers for tubs the problem is color i need champagne bronze or satin bronze clear glass size 60 x 76 no taller than that please help thankyou phone 850 625 4433

I have read about shower glass exploding. Is this a real problem? Is it just frameless, semi-frameless, or does it include framed? And how much does it cost to get a 42 long x 36 deep x 72 high corner shower glass? How much for the curved shower pan for those measurements?

Mike Foti is the President of Innovate Building Solutions a nationwide supplier and regional (Cleveland and Columbus) remodeling contractors. Some of our product lines include glass counters, floors, backsplashes, glass blocks and grout free shower and tub wall panels. More About Mike

Alumax has been a leading US bath and shower enclosure manufacturer since 1949. With a national sales team and thousands of distributing shower door dealers nationwide, we are committed to total customer satisfaction as well as the production and on-time delivery of the highest quality shower doors in the industry. Our product offering includes a wide selection from classic Framed Shower Doors to Frameless Glass Enclosures. 041b061a72


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