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a number of challenges must be addressed for microgravity research to become routine. in particular, there is the issue of growing plants in space and specifically on the iss. the iss is equipped with plenty of growing area, and modules have been developed to provide extra space for plant growth. however, in order to utilize those resources, a microgravity environment is needed.

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this sbir program will leverage nasa sbir's ability to collaborate with the bay area rapid transit (bart) system, and other silicon valley infrastructure to develop the best technologies and prototypes for the unique microgravity environment of the iss. since the microgravity user interface (mui) is expected to generate 15% of the total crew time inside the iss, development of the mui will be a high priority to continue to lead to a robust design that may one day be implemented on a spacecraft.

venturer&d services (vrds) has been created to offer advice on the development of concepts that will be used to address the challenges in the implementation of a robust microgravity user interface (mui) that can support a full field of research in the area of the space biomedical research laboratory (sbrl). the vrds provide service for investment funds whose activities seek to advance the knowledge through research, development and other pursuits in support of the ultimate objectives of nasa, working in partnership with nasa ames research center, nasa johnson space center, and universities and private/corporate organizations.

nasa ames research center has an extensive research and development program to develop robust microgravity user interfaces (mui) for the international space station (iss), and for applications on the moon and mars. the unique microgravity environment at nasa ames makes it a primary site for developing the robust mui needed to address the space biomedical research laboratory (sbrl) in microgravity.


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